LGEN Oliver Savander, 1944 – 2016

LGEN Oliver Savander
“We are all diminished by his death, but we were honored with his life.
Today we honor him.”

Lieutenant General Oliver Savander, SFMD

SG Senior Advisor-Ops, STARFLEET Medical Corps

STARFLEET Surgeon General, 2010-2014

CO, USS Tiberius, NCC-50210, SFI/R2

Surgeon General Announcement:

Attention All STARFLEET Medical Corps

I have the following announcement for the members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps:


LGEN Oliver Savander, SG Senior Advisor-Operations, STARFLEET Medical Corps, quietly passed away on October 13, 2016, after a long illness. He was 72 years old (1944-2016). He is survived by his wife, Dixie, and two, adult children.

Oliver spent many, loving years with his family.

Sgt. Maj. Oliver Savander, USMC (Ret.), was a retired, active duty, senior enlisted officer:

Military Service

Sergeant Major (SGM), E-9

United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

1962-1985; Honorably Discharged


Vietnam Service Ribbon; National Defense Service Ribbon; Good Conduct Medal.

Highlights of Active Duty Assignments

Served in South East Asia (Vietnam), 1967-1969

Drill Instructor Parris Island, 1969-1972

2nd Force Recon HQS 1967-1969 & 1972 to 1978

Special Assignments, through Naval Intelligence (Joint Operations), 1970-1972

In civilian life, Oliver completed his Advanced Technology Diploma, Emergency Medical Technician; St. Petersburg College, FL, 1987. And from 1986-1992, he served at the Highway 52 Fire Department, Pasco County, FL, in several positions:

• Fire Captain

• Fire Instructor

• Fire Inspector

Fire Captain Oliver Savander was injured in a structure fire in 1992.

STARFLEET International

Service and Recognitions

LGEN Oliver Savander joined SFI in 2006. Until his death, LGEN Savander was the CO, USS Tiberius, NCC-50210, SFI/R2, held several leadership positions in the SFI STARFLEET Marine Corps, was STARFLEET Medical Corps Surgeon General (2010-2014), and currently was serving as SG Senior Advisor—Operations (2015 to present).

LGEN Oliver Savander was awarded the STARFLEET Marine Corps, Distinguished Service Cross in 2016 and received the STARFLEET Cross five times along with several other awards.

He completed STARFLEET Adcademy’s Doctorate of Police, Fire, & Rescue, 2/2011, Doctorate of Special Operations, 3/2010, and Master of Special Operations, 2/2010. Within STARFLEET Academy, he served as Director, College of Fire and Rescue Studies: NIMS Reporting (2014 to Present).

Personal Reflection

Oliver along with BGEN Dr. Douglas Reagan, PhD, EMT-P, SFMD, welcomed me into the STARFLEET Medical Corps in 2014. Oliver, Douglas, and I had many Skype calls and email messages to work on activities for the Medical Corps; the three of us “kept things moving” for our peers. I met Oliver face-to-face at the SFI R2 Summit in Florida in 2015, and it felt as if we had known each other for years—Oliver introduced me to many SFI members. Oliver encouraged me to accept appointment as the STARFLEET Medical Corps’ Surgeon General from then-CS FADM Wayne Killough, Jr., SFMD, and then-VCS RADM Hayden Segel. I’m glad I followed Oliver’s advice.

During our Skype calls, Oliver and I would show each other our cats who came to the Skype camera. Over the years, we spoke of the Medical Corps during the Battle of Gettysburg and the leadership demonstrated by General George Washington. Oliver was a good, Christian man, and we often talked of Scripture and how to gently incorporate Christian leadership principles in our SFI volunteer work. I am grateful for the friendship and support which Oliver shared with me.

In all of the positions he held within the SFI organization, Oliver’s efforts were always supportive of SFI and the members. The actions of Oliver reflected great credit upon him, the SFI organization, and the STARFLEET Medical Corps.

LGEN Oliver Savander, SFMD, SG Senior Advisor-Operations, STARFLEET Medical Corps, will be missed by all who knew him.




Dr. Gregory Fant, PhD, MSHS
Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps
COL, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps), SFMD