STARFLEET Medical Corps resources

On this page, the STARFLEET Medical Corps identifies some of the resources which we think foster community health promotion and home safety.


HYPOSPRAY—Newsletter of the STARFLEET Medical Corps, is a blog managed by members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps.  (The “Star Trek” universe spoke of the “Starfleet Medical Journal” [URL:].  This is our version.)

HYPOSPRAY is one way that members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps and other like-minded STARFLEET members can exchange community health promotion and home safety ideas and information with each other.

A more complete description of the blog, topics presented and submission details are found at the HYPOSPRAY “tab” on the next page.  Submissions are reviewed by Medical Corps peers for accuracy and clarity of expression prior to “posting” to the blog.

STARFLEET Medical listserv (and related social media)

The STARFLEET Medical Corps maintains a modest listserv.  The STARFLEET Medical listserv is used to communicate operational information to members of the Medical Corps and other like-minded STARFLEET members and, also, to share information on real-world health or home safety topics that may serve as an “idea spark” for health promotion or community service ideas among like-minded STARFLEET members.

This link will bring you to page where you can join the STARFLEET Medical listserv:

Starfleetmedical mailing list

Medical Corps members’ contributions

A few members of the Medical Corps have elected to establish websites as a means for sharing community health education information with members in their assigned region; this an optional activity.  We include links here to the web presence of Medical Corps members who have developed web sites to share community health education information in their region (see below):

ASG Region 11:

ASG Region 20:

FS Region 2:

Please note that other members of the Medical Corps have elected to use other means to share community health and home safety information in their assigned SFI Regions that are not related to a web presence.

All the information shared by members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps is intended to be community health education, community health promotion, and home safety information and not intended to be used for medical diagnosis and/or treatment.

Furthermore, not all SFI Regions desire the assistance of the Medical Corps to support regional medical/health science activities.  Often, this is the case in SFI Regions that have functioning medical/health science activities.

Dr Phlox 3Publically Available Information

Several members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps have offered the following documents to assist peers in locating accurate health promotion and home safety information that may assist in the information-sharing process for the benefit of STARFLEET members and the communities where we live.

Health Promotion Topics

First Aid and CPR training courses:

The Community Guide–The Guide to Community Preventive Services:

International first aid guide:  International first aid and resuscitation guideline 2011 by IFRC

Women’s health guide:  Womens Health–Update 2014 sm

Men’s health guide:  Mens Health–Update 2014 sm

Lecture notes–health education:  Health Education–Lecture Notes from The Carter Center 2004

Community service ideas:  100 Simple Service Ideas from the Lions Club

Health and Wellness:  Health and Wellness Guide — US Fire Administration 2009

Food bank donation list:  Best Foods To Donate To Your Food Drive–list

Walking for health:  Walking As A Way Of Life 1_Final

Medical Encyclopedia–Medline Plus:

SG’s Reading Challenge:   SG STARFLEET Medical Corps Self-Directed Reading Challenge Program Description and template SG 2-2015 updated

Home Safety Topics

Home safety checklist:  Home Safety Checklist — Reference Guide by Minnesota Department of Health 2012

Volunteer Public Health Leader Resources

Volunteers as Leaders:  Volunteers As Leaders_Guidebook_2010_HON

Team Building Manual:  Team Building Manual — WHO 2007

Conflict Management:  Managing Conflict in the Workplace–University of Florida HR02500

Personal Resilience:  The Road to Resilience