Archives and Records

EMH-The Doctor VOYArchives and Records of STARFLEET Medical

This page contains historical records of STARFLEET Medical activities.

1.  STARFLEET Medical (previous website):

The previous website contains some important features and documents that will be maintained at the site.  Current information and activities will be featured at this “new” website.

HYPOSPRAY (previous website):

The previous website contains some important but older items.  These are still part of our history.  The “new” website contains the more recent submissions to HYPOSPRAY.




Note:  This web site contains information pertaining to the club and community health promotion and home safety.  It is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Several members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps volunteer their time and talents to maintain this web site:

COL Gregory Fant, SG

BGEN Douglas Reagan, SG-Command Staff

MGEN Oliver Savander, Sr., SG-Command Staff

CAPT Amanda Barrow, SG Deputy Chief-Administration (Web Site)