Activity Areas

Physicians Office-Enterprise DGeneral Description
The Activity Areas of the STARFLEET Medical Corps pertain to being a resource to the various SFI Regions (especially those without a regional leader for medical/health sciences) on topics related to community-level health promotion, home safety, and related community service.  In collaboration with SFI Regions, we are able and willing to assist with the following:

1. Promote community health, home safety, and related community service activities in keeping with the vision of the late-Gene Roddenberry by being dedicated to helping humankind attain noble goals and ideals and operationalize the “let me help” principle set forth in the TV series.

2. Provide each chapter and by extension, each member, support to further public health and medical knowledge along with fire prevention, rescue, and home safety and/or programs for the chapter/individual.

3. Encourage and support chapters/members to seek and obtain CPR/First-Aid training and to promote these and related training in their communities.

4. Assist IC and/or local Regional Summit planning activities and efforts by offering to support brief “Medical Panel” presentations and provide public health/medical and fire prevention/rescue/home safety information at IC and/or local Regional Summits.

Annual Description
For 2016, the 200+ members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps endeavor to help like-minded STARFLEET Members in the SFI Region to realize the following:

1. To collaboratively host at least two medical panels on an agreed-upon topic at venues throughout the Fleet in 2015.

2. To offer and host a modest health promotion activities which like-minded individuals in the SFI Regions can develop and participate in for their mutual benefit.

3. To encourage all members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps to share at least two, information pieces with SFI Regional leaders in the health sciences for the benefit of the SFI Region.

Collectively, these are just examples of the types of collaborative activities of the STARFLEET Medical Corps.  The specifics depend upon the needs of the various SFI Regions.

Operational Plan:  STARFLEET Medical Corps–Operational Plan for 2015 12-28-2014