Take the STARFLEET Medical Corps Pledge

The STARFLEET Medical Corps Pledge

Just as there is a “Captain’s Oath” in the Star Trek TV series and movies, it might be appropriate for all members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps to take a similar pledge; this action might serve to unify all members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps.

The STARFLEET Medical Corps Pledge

The focus of the STARFLEET Medical Corps is to facilitate health/medical operations and to provide assistance to Regional and Chapter Health/Medical Officers by giving public health/medical/home safety information and resources to the members of STARFLEET and taking steps to promote public health in keeping with the vision of the late-Gene Roddenberry by being dedicated to helping humankind attain noble goals and ideals and operationalize the “let me help” principle set forth in the TV series.

As a member of the STARFLEET Medical Corps, I pledge:

  1. That I will work to develop and implement STARFLEET Medical Corps themes and actions designed to promote good health among members and good health in communities, including cultivating community service activities in cooperation with others;
  2. That I will take steps to further develop my own knowledge of public health, health promotion, First Aid/CPR, home safety, and/or disease prevention strategies;
  3. That I will serve as the STARFLEET Medical Corps representative in the assigned SFI: Region in a manner that will bring credit upon STARFLEET International, the STARFLEET Medical Corps, regional peers, and myself; and
  4. That I will work with my STARFLEET Medical Corps peers, STARFLEET Regional Coordinator, the Regional Department Chief for Health and Medical Sciences, and chapter health and medical science officers for the benefit of STARFLEET International members and our communities.