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Medical Training


To assist in exposing members of STARFLEET International (SFI) to the wide range of medical related academy courses available, a series of 10 CORE training levels have been created. Each core level is comprised of ten (10) courses, giving a total of 100 courses to be completed.

Any member of SFI, who affiliates with Starfleet Medical may participate in these training levels.

The levels must be completed in order, commencing with level one (1), and certification in each level is available by submitting a completed training record application (see below). These are editable PDF forms and they MUST be returned as editable PDFs. Any forms not received in this format will be returned to the sender.

While these core levels have all been named, no inference should be taken that a member wishing to serve STARFLEET Medical in any role needs to complete the courses at the level that shares their title.

The courses that comprise the core training levels, and the process for submitting records for certification are detailed in the training manual you can access here.

The advice and guidance of STARFLEET Academy Directors in identifying the most relevant courses is much appreciated.

Click here for the latest  STARFLEET Medical – Training Manual  (v 2.0, Published March 2021)