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Core Medical Training

The CORE Medical training programme consists of ten (10) training levels, with each core level consisting of ten (10) courses, giving a total of 100 courses to be completed.

The levels must be completed in order, commencing with level one (1), and certification in each level is available by submitting a completed medical training record application – MTRA (see below).

These are editable PDF forms and they MUST be returned as editable PDFs. Any forms not received in this format will be returned to the sender. Please include certificates or screenshots from the SFI database/course page as proof of course completion.

 While these core levels have all been named, no inference should be taken that a member wishing to serve STARFLEET Medical in any role needs to complete the courses at the level that shares their title or that by completing a level confers any related position or rank.

Click here for the latest STARFLEET Medical – Training Manual (v 2.2, Published May 2023)

Disclaimer: This Starfleet Medical programme is entirely fictitious and created for entertainment purposes only. It is not associated with any recognised or accredited institution, organisation, or governing body. It does not represent any legitimate qualifications or certifications and does not grant any authority, expertise, or credibility in any real world setting.



16th of January 2023: The College of Medical Studies has finished consolidating their courses (the code has changed from CMED to CMDS) and are in the process of converting all their courses from manually marked exams to automated QAM format.

All training Level PDFs and the Training Handbook have been updated. Please refer to the table below for a one to one mapping of the old course to the new. All completed old courses will be recognised as the equivalent to the new course for the purposes of fulfilling Level course requirements.

15th of March 2023: The College of Medical Knowledge (MEDK) is being retired. 

The MEDK subjects will be replaced with College of Emergency Technology Equipment (CETE) subjects). From March 15, the training level pdfs will all be updated with the new subjects.

All previously completed MEDK subjects and training levels with MEDK subjects will still be recognised.