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new-starfleet-medical STARFLEET Medical is a component of STARFLEET International Fan Association. Specifically, STARFLEET Medical, is an internal department of the Office of the Vice Commander, STARFLEET(VCS). An internal department is a faction within STARFLEET that follows its own set of guidelines or command structure, but still is integrated within the Command Hierarchy itself. This means that while that while this group has its own unique structure; it still is responsible to VCS. (See STARFLEET Membership Handbook, February 2014 Edition, p.51)

STARFLEET Medical is led by the Director (appointed by CS/VCS) and reports to VCS. This is necessary for club reporting and administration of the internal department. The purpose of this internal department is to do the following –

1) Raise community health promotion, public health, and home safety issues related community service activities among club members
2) To help the various SFI Regions further develop their volunteer efforts in this area.

To operationalize this two-pronged purpose, STARFLEET Medical organizes itself as a STARFLEET Medical Corps and is led by a Surgeon General, who is also, the Director, STARFLEET Medical) and has a Command Staff, Assistant Surgeons General, general Medical Corps members in the various SFI Regions. Collectively the members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps work collaboratively with SFI Regional leadership and like-minded SFI members to raise community health promotion, public health, and home safety issues (and related community service activities) within the organization and, also assist various SFI Regions develop their volunteer efforts in this area.

STARFLEET Medical and the STARFLEET Medical Corps is community health and home safety group that is oriented toward volunteer service. STARFLEET Medical is not a policy-making body.

On the following pages that comprise this website, you will find information, primarily, designed for members of the Medical Corps and like-minded individuals in the STARFLEET International fan club.

We share club information along with community health education and home safety information. The community health and home safety are not intended for medical diagnosis and treatment.


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