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BOCP: CMO / Counsellor


troi crusher

The Bridge Officer Certification Program (BOCP) is a program run by STARFLEET Academy for STARFLEET Officers who wish to qualify themselves as command-ready Chief Medical Officers or Ship’s Counselors (as well as other bridge officer positions). The BOCP was created for members of STARFLEET to become “certified” in their chapter’s Medical Department as a command-level officer. A certificate is awarded by STARFLEET Academy on program completion and an entry entered into the SFI Database as a STARFLEET Academy award.

This award is earned by successful completion of the program requirements. This involves earning credits in a specific set of courses from STARFLEET  Academy. You must complete all required courses and send in the application in order to earn the certification. 

Program details and requirements can be found at the following STARFLEET Academy page:

Disclaimer: This STARFLEET Academy program is entirely fictitious and created for entertainment purposes only. It is not associated with any recognised or accredited institution, organisation, or governing body. It does not represent any legitimate qualifications or certifications and does not grant any authority, expertise, or credibility in any real-world setting.