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Interspecies Medical Exchange Program


The Interspecies Medical Exchange (IME) was an interstellar program initiated by the Vulcan High Command in the late 2130s. 

The program involved several Alpha and Beta Quadrant governments, including those of Earth, Vulcan, Denobula, and Mazar. This medical exchange program allowed doctors from each planet to volunteer their services on alien worlds with the intent to better their understanding of xenobiology. 

This proud tradition has been continued to this day and you have been lucky enough to have been selected to represent Starfleet Medical.

acceptance letter

The program consists of 20 subjects designed to give you a good introduction to Starfleet Medical, the various races in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant and a head start in completing the following qualifications if you so wish:

  • Bridge Officer Certification Program – Chief Medical Officer
  • Bridge Officer Certification Program – Counsellor
  • CORE Medical Training Program


Graduation from the SFMD Certification program is a prerequisite for this program.


  • CSME 101 – Starfleet Medical
  • CSME 102 – Introduction to Sickbay
  • CSME 103a – Biobeds
  • CSME 103b – Medical Tricorder / Hypospray / Scanners
  • CSME 103c – General Items / Surgical Instruments
  • CSME 103d – Tissue Regeneration and Application
  • CSME 103e – Cardiovascular / Neurological Applications
  • CSME 104a – Analgesics / Anesthetics / Antivirus / Burns
  • CSME 104b – Cardiovascular / Immune Suppressants
  • CSME 104d – Resuscitive / Respiratory / Sedatives


  • VOC 101B – Vulcan Physiology
  • KWA 103 – Klingon Physiology
  • BOC 103 – Bajoran Society and Culture
  • ROC 101a – Romulan People & Tal Shiar Pt 1
  • AQ-AND 101- Andorian System and Culture (College of Xeno Studies/Alpha Quadrant)
  • AQ 103 – Betazoid (College of Xeno Studies/Alpha Quadrant)
  • AQ-CAT 101 – Caitian Geography & Physiology (College of Xeno Studies/Alpha Quadrant)
  • AQ 107 – Trill (College of Xeno Studies/Alpha Quadrant)
  • BQ 102 – Bolian (College of Xeno Studies/Beta Quadrant)
  • BQ 103 – Nausicaan (College of Xeno Studies/Beta Quadrant)

Please submit your Graduation application with the following MTRA form to Please include certificates or screenshots from the SFI database/course page as proof of course completion. You will be issued with a graduation certificate and the IME Program award will be entered into the SFI database.
Disclaimer: This STARFLEET Academy program is entirely fictitious and created for entertainment purposes only. It is not associated with any recognised or accredited institution, organisation, or governing body. It does not represent any legitimate qualifications or certifications and does not grant any authority, expertise, or credibility in any real-world setting.