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Office of the Surgeon General Current Serving Officers

There are over 300+ members in STARFLEET Medical who serve as Health/Medical/Nursing Officers, Counselors, and other roles in our department. These individuals also promote public health and community health education, along with participating in related community activities as volunteers in various chapters of STARFLEET International.

Surgeon General
Fleet Captain Lynn Harper

Surgeon General’s Staff

These individuals are asked to lead specific roles on behalf of the Surgeon General for the benefit of SFI Members and the STARFLEET Medical, serving at the pleasure of the Surgeon General.

Deputy Surgeon General
Captain Wade Poitras DDS

Chief of Operations
Lieutenant Commander David Yee

Assistant Researchers (R&D)
Captain Susan Anderson
Captain Roberta Staymates
Captain Deborah Keyes (Chief of Specialty Courses)

Starfleet Medical Website Adminsitrator
Lieutenant Commander David Yee
All requests are to be logged via the SFI Help Desk

Hypospray Editor
Captain Deborah Keyes

Medical Field Leads

These are STARFLEET Medical staff members who are tasked with leading specific fields of interest on behalf of the Surgeon General for the benefit of SFI Members and the STARFLEET Medical.

Public Health
Captain Brett McIff

Women’s Health
Captain Deborah Keyes

Men’s Health
Lieutenant Commander David Yee

Disaster Emergency Response and Preparedness
Lieutenant Colonel Kal Meltos

Wellness (SFMedical Wellness Facebook Group)
Fleet Captain Phyllis Seale Foynes

Region Assistant Surgeon Generals

Regional Assistant Surgeon Generals (ASGs) are STARFLEET Medical members who are appointed by the Surgeon General as being responsible for their Regional medical departments. They may, or may not, have a Deputy Assistant Surgeon General (DASG).

Links to the Regional STARFLEET Medical ASG facebook pages can be found here:

Region 1
  Commander Ana Hotaling
DASG: Lieutenant Colonel Kal Meltos

Region 2
Captain Deborah Keyes
DASG: Commander Yesenia Lopez

Region 3
  Colonel Donna Reitzer Jarrett
Fleet Captain Gregg Kleiner

Region 4
Captain Roberta Staymates
DASG: Position Open

Region 5
First Lieutenant Hector Gutierrez Jr
DASG: Lieutenant Arlene Henriques

Region 6
Position Open
DASG: Position Open

Region 7
ASG: Lieutenant Stephen J Vetrano DO
DASG: Fleet Captain Ariel Vitali MD

Region 8
Commander Gregg Barlow
DASG: Position Open

Region 9
ASG: Position Open
DASG: Position Open

Region 10
ASG: Captain Wade Poitras
DASG: Position Open

Region 11
ASG: Lieutenant Commander David Yee
DASG: Lieutenant JG Michelle Barton

Region 12
ASG: Captain Laura Felty
DASG: Captain Richard Ward

Region 13
ASG:  Fleet Captain Lynn Harper
DASG:  Commander Ed Markham
DASG: Ensign 1st Class Gabanette Wooltorton

Region 14

Inactive, merged with Region 13.

Region 15
ASG: Commander Thaddieus Jeznach
DASG: Position Open

Region 16
ASG: Position Open
DASG: Position Open

Region 17
ASG: Captain Coleen Parker
DASG: Position Open

Region 18
ASG: Commander Carlos Neyre Abad
DASG: Position Open

Region 19
ASG: Position Open
DASG: Position Open

Region 20
ASG: Captain Andy Walker
DASG: Fleet Captain Phyllis Seale Foynes

Applications for open positions should be submitted through Volunteer Services, via the relevant position listing.


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