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Established in 2365 by Admiral Beverly Crusher (during her time as Acting Head of Starfleet Medical), the College of Starfleet Medical Excellence is an esteemed professional institution that recognizes excellence in STARFLEET Medical training. 

To earn this prestigious membership, applicants must meet the criteria outlined below. 

Those who do are entitled to display the college caduceus on their uniforms as a symbol of their achievements and to use the designated college postnominals after their names for all Starfleet International business.

e.g. LCDR John Citizen SFMD MCSFME


MEMBER: MCSFME (Silver Caduceus) 

A Member of the College should be a SFI member of good standing who has demonstrated attainment of a good basic understanding of first aid, human medicine, Starfleet medical technology/medications, xenobiology and command/operations training.

  • Doctor Crusher Award (CPR Training)
  • Nurse Chapel Award (Basic First Aid Training)
  • Starfleet Medical Doctor (SFMD) Certification
  • Interspecies Medical Exchange Program Graduate
  • Bridge Officer Certification Program: Chief Medical Officer and Counsellor

FELLOW: FCSFME (Gold Caduceus)

A Fellow of the College should be a SFI member of good standing who has demonstrated attainment of advanced knowledge and expertise in the general medicine as well as various medical specialties. Their achievements culminate in the completion of a Doctor of Medical Arts Studies from Starfleet Academy.

  • All the requirements of the Member level (silver caduceus)
  • CORE Medical Training Program Graduate
  • SPECIALIST Medical Training Program Graduate
  • Starfleet Academy: Doctor of Medical Arts Studies


To make sourcing a pin easier. All members of the college may purchase their own caduceus pin from local retailers.

 The only stipulations are the following:

• Size: should be approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches
• Colour: plain silver or gold (as per membership level)
• Design: should be a plain caduceus (not overly ornate)

The college caduceus should be worn either directly above or to the right of the Starfleet Delta.


Disclaimer: This STARFLEET Medical program is entirely fictitious and created for entertainment purposes only. It is not associated with any recognised or accredited institution, organisation, or governing body. It does not represent any legitimate qualifications or certifications and does not grant any authority, expertise, or credibility in any real-world setting.