Join us at the International Convention 2016

A message from the Surgeon General

Greetings to STARFLEET International Members attending the International Convention 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. Trekkin’ II: Horsing around on the Ohio!

STARFLEET Medical Directorate

STARFLEET Medical Directorate is part of the STARFLEET International Fan Association

STARFLEET Medical Directorate (and the STARFLEET Medical Corps) is a community health and home safety group that is oriented toward volunteer service.

Members of the STARFLEET Medical Corps work collaboratively with SFI Regional leadership and like-minded SFI members to raise community health promotion, public health, and home safety issues (and related community service activities) within the organization and in keeping with the “Let Me Help” theme of “Star Trek” tv shows and movies.

  • Canned Food donations
  • Blood donations
  • First-Aid/AED demonstration
  • Sharing community health and home safety information
  • Member recognition program

STARFLEET Medical Corps-2016 IC




Dr. Gregory Fant, PhD, MSHS
SG, STARFLEET Medical Corps | FS, USS Tiberius/R2
COL, STARFLEET International (Marine Corps), SFMD